“A doula has an intimate knowledge of birth. Your partner has an intimate knowledge of you. Mama and partner should connect during labor, and their doula should take care of everything else.”
— Jennifer Valencia



A birth doula is an educated support person for you during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum who provides informational, emotional, physical, and spiritual support to empower you beyond your labor and birth based on your needs.

As your doula we work to compliment your chosen birth team and do not  replace the roles of partners, mothers, sisters, or friends.  We offer information and give continuous labor support throughout the entire birth. By providing love and support we aim to enhance a family's confidence and lessen anxiety.

We work to create space for laboring women and couples to have a satisfying birth experience. 


  • interview

  • prenatal meeting

  • help with your birth preferences + "plan"

  • access to our library of books, DVDS + local resources

  • 24.7 on-call, beginning two weeks before your estimated due date

  • continuous support during labor and delivery

  • an optional postpartum visit

  • option to add on a MINUTES OLD photo session


Atlanta Birth Photographer
Atlanta Birth Photographer and Doula
...while mothers should be encouraged to trust their instincts, the missing piece of the message is that much of this mothering behavior is learned, not instinctive”
— Sally Placksin