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Fresh48 hospital newborn sessions are always some of our favorites. There's just something about new families getting to know each other, finger by finger, tiny toe by tiny toe. 

They are a great option for families who want the details of their little ones captured while they are still brand new. Hiring a photographer not only allows you to be in the photos but also gives you peace of mind in knowing all of the details, the ones you so desperately want to remember but can forget so quickly in the post-delivery haze, are captured beautifully.  

Typically we go on call for clients when they are 38 weeks but we are often asked, "What happens if I deliver before then?". Just give us a heads up and we will be there!

Because of the unique way we work as a team of three, if a client goes into labor before we are officially "on-call" we are able to be there, period. You can relax and know that the moment will be captured.

The Woodall family found that out when Mom’s water broke at 35 weeks. Surprise! They had a healthy, beautiful, 4lb 11oz baby boy! We met them in their postpartum room the next day to photograph their newest family member, as well as super excited grandparents.

Congratulations to this sweet family!

Iris | Fresh48 Photography + Videography | Atlanta

Sweet baby Iris arrived on a chilly morning in October to her eager parents and big sister. She was 7 pounds 15 ounces, and super cute! Big sister Scarlett arrived with her grandparents and was a little shy at first, and then wanted to hold her baby sister. Her sibling present was new polaroid film, which I think she probably used all of during our session :-)

Enjoy the Thomson family’s Hours Old (Fresh48) video; a peek into their first days as a family of four:

The first days after a baby is born are like no other time in a family. There is a shift as everyone transitions into the new roles they now have. Iris’s parents shifted into the parents of two daughters, and their older daughter shifted from an only child to a big sister. Before long this will be their new normal, but there is beauty in the newness of it all. It’s this beauty that an Hours Old, which many call a Fresh48 photography session capture.

An Hours Old (Fresh48) session is a photo or video session in the first hours of your child’s life. It is usually a session before you leave the hospital to go home, but sometimes it is actually a Coming Home session (if you are leaving the Atlanta Birth Canter soon after birth for example). We offer Hours Old (Fresh48) sessions at all of the Atlanta Hospitals, and we offer Coming Home sessions inside or near the perimeter.

Hours Old (Fresh48) sessions can be photo or video sessions. Photo Hours Old (Fresh48) sessions include a slideshow that is perfect for sharing with friends and family, and photo sessions are perfect for albums. We deliver an online album proof that we can tweak until it is perfect for you.

Video Hours Old (Fresh48) sessions include at least 5 edited photos, as well as the finished film set to licensed music. It’s a home movie that you and your family will cherish forever! When we sent this Hours Old

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The Birth Story Collective offers birth and fresh48 photography and videography to families in Atlanta and Decatur. Reach out to see if we are available around your due date!