Documenting and guiding authentic birth stories in Atlanta, Georgia for those
who believe in the transformative power of supported childbirth. 

We are a group of women passionate about guiding you through and documenting the story of your birth. With a shared belief in fostering a sense of community over competition we know that we are stronger together than we are apart and through the support and encouragement we receive from each other we are able to strengthen our work and provide the most consistent, authentic and beautiful birth photography and doula experience in Atlanta.
— Chanda, Brittany & Claire

Unique from other birth workers in Atlanta, all three of us work together as a team for each of our clients. It truly takes a village and by using a shared call model we are able to better serve the families we work with by providing them with support, expertise, and care from all of us. Inviting someone into your birth space is a big deal and for so many of our clients it is important that they are familiar with the person who will be attending their birth. Working with all of us from day one ensures that you will have an established relationship with the person who comes to your birth. And while only one of us will be present for your labor and delivery, our integrated approach allows us to support each other and in turn provide a better experience for you.

With a combined 21 years photography experience and nearly 200 births attended as a collective, Chanda, Claire, and Brittany have the knowledge, skill and passion necessary to support each client on an individual level. 

Each of us came to appreciate the beauty of birth for different reasons; whether because of our own birth experiences, curiosity, or desire to become more involved in documenting the process itself. We have all connected to the vulnerability, strength, power and love witnessed at each birth we have been invited to attend. And although our individual reasons for starting this journey may differ, our reasons for continuing to grow together are the same.

Having relied on each other for support in the past as back up doula/photographers, we began to see that something was lacking from the Atlanta birth community. As photographers on our own we were always on call, unable to accept as many clients as we would have liked to, and struggling to give the clients we could take on a strong sense of security in knowing, that no matter what, someone who cared for them, knew their preferences, that they were familiar with, would be able to attend their birth if for some reason we could not. 

So we made the decision to come together, for ourselves and for our clients, shifting to a shared call model to offer a unique birth photography and doula experience for expecting parents in Atlanta.

Chanda Williams

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Claire Mandrycky

birth doula.

Brittany Knapik

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"You are one amazing woman on so many levels. Couldn't be happier to have met you and hired you."




"Brittany has photographed many wonderful moments in my life- my daughter, a few days after we brought her home; my daughter again for her first birthday and cake smash and also a maternity shoot for when I was pregnant with my son. It wasn't a difficult decision in the least to have her take pictures of my son's birth- in fact it felt completely natural. What I didn't realize is that I wouldn't be just having a photographer by my side, I would have a friend and supporter. 

When I wasn't able to VBAC for my son's delivery and  had to scheduled a C-section, that didn't stop Brittany from wanting to be there to shoot as much as she could. At first I wondered what the point would be. She couldn't access the operating room and would miss the actual birth of my son, but she reassured me that the images would still capture his birth story. She was absolutely right. I look back at those pictures with such fondness as I relive the day that my son made us a family of four. Brittany can capture joy and beauty in a way I never thought possible. She brings to life moments that may get lost in the haze and busyness of birthing a child so that you'll never forget a second of such a momentous occasion." 


There aren't enough positive things I could say about working with Claire.

Making the decision to have her photograph our first child coming into the world was one of the best decisions we made. Everything from our first planning meeting, birth experience and the final images were everything I could have asked for & more :)




"From the moment I met Chanda, I felt comfortable and at ease...both of which I wanted for my birthing day. Prior to my birthing day, in addition to her personal knowledge and experience, Chanda lent me books and DVDs from her collection. At a time when it seemed there was always something more to purchase, it was lovely to be able to borrow these necessary resources.

For me and my husband, the fact that she is also a birth photographer made hiring Chanda the obvious choice. The images we now hold of our daughter's birth capture the reality and emotion of that day perfectly. The images are a stunning representation of, as she has described it, our brief, and wonderful, homebirth..." 


"When we found out we were pregnant, finding a birth photographer was not even on our radar. It never occurred to us that we would want to have photo documentation of anything but our beautiful baby once she arrived. That absolutely changed once we saw the beautiful way Brittany captures the journey through labor and priceless first moments of life. We were so enamored with the images we saw of others’ births, that we couldn’t wait to have her be there with us on our journey.

Brittany was beyond amazing before, during, and after our birth. She met with us to learn more about us as a couple and our road to parenthood. This was so crucial to her being able to tell our story in a way that was meaningful to us. She eagerly got up in the middle of the night when labor began to ensure she was able to photograph labor at home before heading to the hospital. Brittany was always discreet and knew just the right place to be to get beautiful shots without being in the way of us, or the medical team. After birth, she captured the priceless reactions of our families when they met our daughter for the first time, and even came to our house a few days later to take some photos once we’d settled in.

The resulting photos beautifully tell the story of when a couple became a family. The time Brittany took meticulously choosing just the right images to capture the emotion in each moment, and putting them together with just the right music, resulted in a video that made us, as well as friends and family, weep with joy as we watched. We are beyond grateful for the time and care Brittany took to ensure we are able to remember our birth as the transformative and powerful experience it was." 



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First things first...Claire is phenomenal! You will not regret choosing her to document your once in a lifetime moments. My husband and I have high standards for photography as we are professional photographers ourselves, and were so fortunate she was available to document the birth of our daughter.

She was courteous, professional, kind and most of all, she's an amazing photojournalist, birth and portrait photographer. She captured the story of that day and I'll treasure the images forever! We have since had her shoot family portraits of all of us and she just has such talent! We couldn't be happier with her work!



"You created one of the most amazing treasures Olivia could ever have. I can't stop sharing your video. Thank you for all you did for us! You're very special!"




"Chanda brought a calmingly, beautiful energy to our birth.  She was so much more than we could've asked for in a doula and a birth photographer.  She helped create and foster a space where my husband and I could easily and lovingly focus on one another as we brought our new child into this world.  We would highly recommend her to anyone, and will always be thankful for her gracefulness and love." 


"Our entire family was so delighted with the photography done by Brittany Knapik on the day of our twin daughters' birth.  Brittany demonstrated professionalism and creative talent that makes her work stand out among other photographers.  Not only was she available at a moment's notice, Brittany was extremely flexible and let us dictate how much or how little of the birth experience we wanted to be documented.  She was respectful of privacy, yet was able to capture the most intimate moments. Brittany is so good at what she does, you do not even realize she is in the room.  She does not try to stage anything or suggest any poses; she uses her talent and artistic eye to capture the raw, authentic emotions of the day.  

It takes a specific level of creativity to recognize beauty and sentiment in the minor nuances of a baby's birth, and Brittany definitely has it! Some of our favorite pictures were of the small details: a tissue in a joyful grandmother's hand, a father's hands in his pockets as he waits anxiously, or a baby's tiny toes spread out while being held.  Brittany has created a product for us that we will cherish forever.  One day in the future, when we show our daughters these photographs, they will clearly see how much their birth was anticipated and how abundantly they are loved.  Thank you, Brittany!"




"Even though my birth didn't end as originally expected, I couldn't have imagined it without you there documenting the journey. Thank you for your dedication and your amazing talent!"

"I agree with Erin! You were so wonderful. I felt like you were a part of our family by the end of the many hours you spent with us! I will forever be grateful for all the time, beautiful photos and the video you took! You definitely have a wonderful talent."

-Erin & Tammy

"The only thing that stopped me from writing this recommendation sooner is that I find it quite difficult to put into words what it was like to be the recipeint of Chanda's many gifts and talents throughout my birth experience. It began the first time we met; Chanda's calm, confident, birth-loving presence convinced me right away that we'd found our doula. What's more impressive is that my partner - who was skeptical about the whole doula thing - found herself very willing to give this a try once she'd met Chanda. 

Chanda made it crystal clear that she does not make the partner's role less important. If anything, she makes the partner able to take a *more* active role in supporting the birthing mama by being so knowledgable about the whole process and being able to suggest ways that the partner can best offer support throughout. 

During my third trimester, Chanda was an awesome resource, always available by phone and text. And then there was the labor and delivery. All 48 hours of it, during which Chanda was our rock, our expert tourguide, our new-old friend, our chief of comfort, and so much more. I remember thinking at one point, "wait, she's really good at massage too?!? where did this woman come from and how does anybody get through this without her?!" Chanda has a 6th sense when it comes to offering support; she knew when to be front and center, offering gentle guidance and suggestions, she knew when to quietly consult with my partner in order to help her help me, and she knew when to quietly fade into the background and take out her camera. Don't even get me started on her photography skills. Incredible.

Chanda is a gem. I'm positive that my birth experience would not have been as positive as it was without her, and we are so grateful to her." 




"Amazing. The photos-Chanda's energy-the support in my birthing time. I cannot say enough wonderful words about having Chanda participate in such an important day."