What hospitals and areas do you service?
We service home, hospital and birth center births within the Metro Atlanta area.

Why hire a collective over an individual?
By working as a team we are better able to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there are multiple doulas and photographers who you have met, feel comfortable with, and who know your preferences, on call and ready to attend your birth. When you hire one of us you have access to all of us. At our first meeting you will meet all three members of the collective, and have the opportunity to chat with us, ask questions and ensure that you feel comfortable with each of us.

Who will attend my birth?
We have a rotating on-call schedule, so who will attend your birth will depend on when your labor starts.

Is it possible to meet the whole collective?
Definitely! We meet weekly and would love for you to join us. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

When should I book?
As soon as possible, as we only take on a limited number of births per month.  If your estimated due date is close approaching please still reach out to see if we have availability.

Are payment plans available?
Yes, payment plans are available and we can discuss options on an individual basis. We also offer the option of creating a personal gift registry for our clients, where friends and family members can make contributions to the best present ever, the gift of memories! A retainer is due to book our services, with final payments due before your 38th week of pregnancy.

What if I go into labor at 2 am? Will you be there?
Yes! We are on call for you 24/7 during your birth month, and ready to join you at anytime of the day.

What if my baby is born outside of the weeks you're on call?
We will do our best to attend your birth or send backup. 

What if all three of you cannot attend?
One of the many benefits of hiring The Collective is that you have all three of us ready to support and/or document your birth. In the rare case that all three of us were unavailable during your birthing time we would turn to other providers in the community who we trust.

When do you join your clients in labor?
We typically join you during active labor, but we play this by ear based on each client and situation.

What if I am having a planned cesarean birth or end up having an emergency cesarean birth?
Every provider and hospital is different. We will do our best to be in the operating room with you but ultimately the decision is up to your provider and circumstances. In the event that we are not able to accompany you into the operating room, we are still able to tell the story of your birth in a beautiful and comprehensive way. For doula clients we are available to support you and your family in the operating room when allowed, and in recovery. 

How long will you stay at my birth?
We stay at your birth for about 1-2 hours after your baby arrives.



Do you offer maternity and newborn sessions as well?
Yes, all three of us offer maternity and newborn sessions individually. More information can be found on each of our respective websites.

Do you work with other Doulas?
Yes! We love working with other Doulas!

Should I talk to my doctor to see if he/she will allow a photographer?
Yes, please go ahead and get a thumbs up from your OB or midwife.

How “much” do you photograph?
Your personal preference is something we discuss at our consultation. We have clients who want the whole shabang and others who prefer a more modest point of view. Everything photographed is done in an artistic way. We would be happy to show specific examples if this is a concern.

How long will it take to receive the images? Albums/slideshow etc.
For birth photography we will email you with a sneak peek within 24 hours, and a gallery of your photographs and first draft of your album within 6 weeks. We believe that you should have time to process your birth on your own, and that this gives you the space to do so. 

Fresh48 sessions will receive sneak peeks within 24 hours, and a full gallery within two weeks.

How many images can I expect?
For birth stories you can expect to receive 150+ full resolution images. Birth stories coupled with doula services can expect 75+ images. Fresh48 sessions receive 50+ full resolution images. 

Will my images be in color or black & white?
We will most likely deliver every image to you in both color and in black & white. There are many variables that go into play when editing (such as time of day and available light sources). Feel free to let us know if you have a preference, and we will do our best!

Will you ask permission before sharing birth photographs?
Absolutely! We understand that birth is personal and intimate and that you may wish to keep some of your photos private. We love it when families choose to share their photos and normalize birth, but respect your wishes.




What does a birth doula do?
A birth doula is a support person for you and your partner during pregnancy, birth and immediate postpartum. We can help you to be informed about your options and support your decisions with out any judgement. At our prenatal meeting we will discuss your birth preferences and our plan for your big day. When labor starts we keep in touch, and join you once you are in active labor. We help you with comfort measures, we help your partner help you, and we guide you both with continuous support until about an hour after your baby is born.

What services are included?
Birth Doula services include at least one prenatal meeting, unlimited continuous labor support, and one optional postpartum meeting.

What is your Birth philosophy?    
We know that birth is normal and that we are lucky to have interventions available to us when needed or desired.  As your doula we support you in your birth plans and preferences, regardless of what they are. This is about you and your family, and we hope to make the memories positive ones.

How do you take pictures and doula at the same time?
As doulas our goal is always to insure that your partner is involved in the birth process. This gives us many opportunities to photograph sweet moments.  

What does a postpartum doula do?

A postpartum doula supports your family during your transition into parenthood, or when siblings arrive.  A postpartum doula will help you maintain a calm and peaceful household. She will support you and your parenting choices without judgement, and  share her skills in baby soothing, swaddling, and more, if desired. She might help with household chores, errands, and childcare for siblings, as needed and if requested. Postpartum doulas also support your breastfeeding relationship, if that is what you choose.

Have more questions? Ready to book? Just want to grab a brownie and chat?