"What I didn't realize is that...I would have a friend and supporter."

Atlanta Birth Photographer

What I didn't realize is that I wouldn't be just having a photographer by my side, I would have a friend and supporter. 

When I wasn't able to VBAC for my son's delivery and  had to scheduled a C-section, that didn't stop Brittany from wanting to be there to shoot as much as she could. At first I wondered what the point would be. She couldn't access the operating room and would miss the actual birth of my son, but she reassured me that the images would still capture his birth story. She was absolutely right. I look back at those pictures with such fondness as I relive the day that my son made us a family of four. Brittany can capture joy and beauty in a way I never thought possible. She brings to life moments that may get lost in the haze and busyness of birthing a child so that you'll never forget a second of such a momentous occasion."