“It takes a specific level of creativity to recognize beauty and sentiment in the minor nuances of a baby's birth,

Some of our favorite pictures were of the small details: a tissue in a joyful grandmother's hand, a father's hands in his pockets as he waits anxiously, or a baby's tiny toes spread out while being held.  Brittany has created a product for us that we will cherish forever.  One day in the future, when we show our daughters these photographs, they will clearly see how much their birth was anticipated and how abundantly they are loved.  Thank you!”

“What a wonderful group of ladies!

Chanda came to the hospital to capture our first moments as a family of four.  Chanda was a great communicator and coordinating things with her was a breeze even when our daughter ended up in the NICU for the first 24 hours. She patiently waited for us to have her in our room and for the right time for our oldest daughter to be able to come meet her baby sister. Chanda put us at ease and made me forget the awkwardness of being photographed shortly after major surgery when so many things are going on. I felt comfortable and relaxed and we now have such lovely photos and a beautiful video to remember this time. We cry every time we watch it and it is something that we will cherish forever.

Claire came to our home a couple of weeks after our daughter was born and was great at coordinating things when the weather was dreary to make sure the lighting was right for the photos. She was patient with our four year old and made us all feel relaxed. The photos are lovely and we hope to have many more family sessions with her as our girls grow.”

"Thank you so much for these wonderful images!

"Thank you so much for these wonderful images!

 We cannot express what it means to have these images and also to have had you by our side on this special day! While I wasn't sure if we needed/wanted a doula for our birth, it was 100% the best decision we could have made considering how things went when Ben was born.  It made all the difference having someone with me providing support while Brett headed to the NICU with baby Ben.  Thank you so much again and will definitely be recommending you(the whole team) to all my friends having babies! 

"Thank you for your dedication and your amazing talent!"

"Even though my birth didn't end as originally expected, I couldn't have imagined it without you there documenting the journey.Thank you for your dedication and your amazing talent!"

"I agree with Erin! You were so wonderful. I felt like you were a part of our family by the end of the many hours you spent with us! I will forever be grateful for all the time, beautiful photos and the video you took! You definitely have a wonderful talent."

"The resulting photos beautifully tell the story of when a couple became a family."

“Brittany eagerly got up in the middle of the night when labor began to ensure she was able to photograph labor at home before heading to the hospital. Brittany was always discreet and knew just the right place to be to get beautiful shots without being in the way of us, or the medical team. After birth, she captured the priceless reactions of our families when they met our daughter for the first time, and even came to our house a few days later to take some photos once we’d settled in.

The resulting photos beautifully tell the story of when a couple became a family. The time Brittany took meticulously choosing just the right images to capture the emotion in each moment, and putting them together with just the right music, resulted in a video that made us, as well as friends and family, weep with joy as we watched. We are beyond grateful for the time and care Brittany took to ensure we are able to remember our birth as the transformative and powerful experience it was." 

"What I didn't realize is that...I would have a friend and supporter."

What I didn't realize is that I wouldn't be just having a photographer by my side, I would have a friend and supporter. 

When I wasn't able to VBAC for my son's delivery and  had to scheduled a C-section, that didn't stop Brittany from wanting to be there to shoot as much as she could. At first I wondered what the point would be. She couldn't access the operating room and would miss the actual birth of my son, but she reassured me that the images would still capture his birth story. She was absolutely right. I look back at those pictures with such fondness as I relive the day that my son made us a family of four. Brittany can capture joy and beauty in a way I never thought possible. She brings to life moments that may get lost in the haze and busyness of birthing a child so that you'll never forget a second of such a momentous occasion." 

"...will always be thankful for her gracefulness and love."

"Chanda brought a calmingly, beautiful energy to our birth.  She was so much more than we could've asked for in a doula and a birth photographer.  She helped create and foster a space where my husband and I could easily and lovingly focus on one another as we brought our new child into this world.  We would highly recommend her to anyone, and will always be thankful for her gracefulness and love."